Finally! Affiliate marketing reports built around you

Do you run programmes on multiple affiliate networks or run multiple programmes on the same network? Now you can access all your affiliate data in one place and filter by network, programme name or any other dimension. Leaving you more time to explore the data rather than collating it.

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You’re in good company, here are some of our clients who have revolutionised their reporting process

We have helped agencies, brands & networks worldwide streamline their Affiliate reporting. Saving them time & money, reducing the impact of churn and creating a new revenue stream with our unique whitelabelled solutions.

Business intelligence was traditionally the domain of econometricians and data analysts, Autographic Insight opened doors to analysis that otherwise were either too time-intensive or near impossible to achieve.
An international team of channel specialists now have faster, easier access to campaign performance to better manage the business and drive incremental return on investment. That knowledge is invaluable in an aggressively competitive market like programmatic and auction buying. Without a doubt using Autographic Insight gives us and our clients a competitive edge.

Oscar Romero, Head of Biddable Media Starcom MediaVest

There are so many good things about Autographic Insight, but the best of them is the product itself. With a level of flexibility that is hard to surpass, they deliver a level of reporting detail that is unbeatable. With customised reports built to each of our clients’ specifications,
they provide a stunning level of clarity and detail, with uniquedesigns that makes otherwise mundane data stand-out and easy to digest. Using Autographic Insight has made our work far more efficient, saving time and enabling us to concentrate on making decisions based on data, rather than making decisions about how to present our data

Anthony Clements, Country Manager Affiliate Window

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Unlike out the box software we have no limit to what or how many data sources we can work with. For affiliate marketing these include but are not lmited to ; Affiliate window, Linkshare, commission junction(cj affiliate), traderdoubler & share a sale.

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Merge multiple networks

Do you use multiple affiliate networks and have to log in to pull reports from each one? We can consolidate all your programmes from different networks into one place, saving you time and allowing you to compare performance.

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Multi Device compatible

Our reporting platforms use the latest web technolgies allowing your reporting dashboard to be accessible , anywhere , anytime & on any device.

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Commentary & Archving

No more searching obscure folder on the shared drive to find out what happened last July . You can write and save commentary on all reports and pin to a specific date range, allowing for ease of access

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Affiliate type groupings

You can group your affiliates by any dimension such as affiliate type , region , tier or category allowing you to gain more detailed insight

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A bit more about Autographic Insight

With our customised, automated reports & dashboards, our clients save up to 35 hours PER WEEK reporting. Intuitive designs, commentary and archiving require no training and improve client continuity - allowing you to have better client relationships.

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